Killing Processes

First of all you must understand how processes work in linux.

when sudo starts a process in the background and you try to trap the pid with $! (which is the pid of the most recent process put in the background) then you get the pid of this sudo process. Probably this process spawns other processes in the background and then finishes. Now you would like to kill all those spawned processes. But how to get them?

  • disown //can be used to put a started process in the background and close the shell
[1]+  Stopped                 startcoolprogram
$ bg %1
[1]+ startcoolprogram &
$ disown
do recursive find in content of filesfind . -name "*whatevername*" - exec grep stringimlooking for {} \;
what’s wrong with my pen drive?sudo dmesg
  • t
  • trhr
  • tr

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