How to get netflow from a pcap file

Use nfdump suite. First transform pcap into nfcapd-format. For that:

nfpcapd -r /path/to/.pcap -l /path/to/outputfolder

In case you have many pcap files, you can use a bash loop:

for file in *; do nfpcapd -r $file -l output/directory/; done

Mind the extra p in nfPcapd and don’t confuse it with nfcapd! 

(“nfpcapd: is the pcap capture daemon of the nfdump tools. It reads network packets from an interface or from a file and directly creates nfdump netflow records.” from

If nfpcapd complains that the option is unknown, you need to download its source and compile it with the necessary flags:

git clone
cd nfdump
autoreconf -fi
./configure --enable-readpcap --enable-nfpcapd
sudo make install

Finally you can use print the flow data: 

nfdump/bin/nfdump -r nfcapd.200610050325

If you generated many nfcpad files and they are contained in one directory use -R:

nfdump/bin/nfdump -R /path/to/dir/with/capdfiles

You can now use the pcap files to generate netflow or ipfix-flows and write the flows to a csv-file to use with other program, e.g. python.

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